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I've decided to sell some of my costumes since my storage space is limited.  All the costumes are in excellent condition and need a new home.  Listed prices do not include shipping, I can calculate shipping costs for interested parties.  Local pickup is available for those in the Toronto area.  Payment through Paypal only.  Feel free so send me a message here  or through my email address

Sue Storm-…  [SOLD]
Asking Price: $100 + shipping
Costume Pieces: Bodysuit and gloves

Costume is a size medium from Heroes in Tights.  Please contact me for more sizing information.
*Wig and shoes NOT included
Sue by gillykins

Asking Price: $120 + shipping
Costume Pieces: Bodysuit, cape, necklace, belt and mask

Costume is a size medium from Heroes in Tights.  Please contact me for more sizing information.
*Wig and shoes NOT included
To Serve and Protect by gillykins

  Mystique-…  [SOLD]
Asking Price: $180 + shipping
Costume Pieces:  White dress with attached blue sleeves, long white gloves, boot covers, blue tights, gold skull belt and small forehead skull

Entire costume made by me and will fit dress sizes 6-10.  Please contact me for more sizing information.
*Wig NOT included
Shifter by gillykins

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When did this happen?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2012, 7:16 AM

I'm in Comic Impacts Cosplay Girl of the Year contest and I would appreciate any votes I can get. You can vote once a day so you can spread your love to more than just one of the lovely ladies entered!

Over the Christmas break I did a photo shoot with the talented Bill Simmons, as you can maybe tell from my recent non-costume updates.  I realized I haven't done a costume update in a while so I've kicked my but in gear and started working on some costumes!  I picked up fabric a week ago for three different costumes, you can follow my updates on my Facebook Page or my Tumblr.  Looking forward to getting the costumes done and taking them out to shoot with.  Hope everyone is having a fabulous New Year.

Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp

Facebook Stamp by leifnicholz!/Gillykins.…


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 13, 2011, 7:00 AM

It's been a while since I updated despite going to multiple events and actually working on some costume stuff!  

Fan Expo was... pretty good.  I know I said I wasn't planning on getting a pass but Fanboy Confessionals… gave me a free Saturday pass at the last minuet, which was awesome.  I only went into the convention for a short time on Saturday (mainly to buy new contacts).  The Friday I did a test run of my Huntress costume, which went fabulously all my hard work defiantly payed off.  I hung out and dicked around with dangerousladies and JABarrett as the Bat family which is always all sorts of geeky awesome.  Saturday of Fan Expo I got to be a Sailor Scout again!  I love wearing fukus especially when I get to be my favorite scout Uranus.  We had a full group of senshi with matching fukus all made by the amazing Ammie , it was great being part of a big group of Sailor Scouts since it fulfilled Ammie full group dream (as well as my own).

Next I headed down south to my favorite convention of the year DRAGON CON!  I can't even begin  to describe how much fun I have at Dragon Con, even though I was feeling ill for a good chunk of the convention I forced myself to go out and have fun.  I got to meet many new SCF costumers and made some fabulous new friends.  I went to the Birds of Prey photo shoot as Huntress and was esthetic's to get photos with the core BOP team, it really made my con.  I hit up quite a few of the SCF organized photo shoots which is always worth it to see the amazing Superhero costumers which come to Dragon Con.  

I've started a tumblr to put various costume related stuff (pictures, progress etc.) as well as just to reblog pretty/intresting/fun things.  
Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp

I've also been using my Facebook page more for costume updates and progress photos.
Facebook Stamp by leifnicholz!/Gillykins.…

I'm currently working on Beatriz de Costa aka. Fire slowly but surely as well as starting a steampunk-ish outfit (mainly using leftover fabrics).  I'll be updating shorting with new photos since I now have multple sets of photos to go through so expect to see some Birds of Prey, Huntress and new Sorcerss photos!


Between the Sky and Sea by gillykinsThe Huntress by gillykins


Journal Entry: Tue Aug 23, 2011, 6:07 AM

Fan Expo Costume Line-up!  
I'm only half attending Fan Expo this year since I refuse to pay the pass prices after the fiasco last year.  I will be hanging out with people outside the convention center in costume, so if your searching for me.... come outside!

Friday: Huntress
Saturday: Eternal Sailor Uranus
Sunday:  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!  I have no clue what I'm doing on my Birthday...

AN Update: Cuz I'm a Cool Kid

Journal Entry: Fri May 27, 2011, 8:06 AM

I originally wasn't planning on going to AN since I really don't watch anime or read manga anymore and therefor have little interest in the dealers room/panels/etc at Anime North.  But of course now I'm planning on attending Friday and Saturday primarily to hang out with people I haven't been able to see in a while.  Friday I am costumeless, originally I was just going to be dropping off ear for PinkCarbon for her Young Zelda costume but now I have plans to play a few rounds of MtG and oggle the adorable Olivias-Atelier and her brother... the cow.  So if anyone manages to see me today I will be incognito in my alter ego, regular Gillian.  Saturday I'll be wearing my Diablo 2 Sorceress costume, hopefully the weather cooperates since the costume is *weather permitting*.  

Hope to see people there, don't be afraid to say Hi!

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Event Update

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 13, 2011, 2:04 PM

Beefcake Cheesecake has come and gone for this year, the event was a lot of fun and we raised some good money for Casey House-  a Toronto based care facility for patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.  I finished my Red Sonja costume just in time for the event,  I'm hoping to get some pictures of it soon so keep an eye out.  


I get a lot of Facebook friend requests from people interested in following my costuming stuff, I try to keep my facebook account personal with primarily friends.  I don't add people to my personal account if I don't know them.  So I have finally decided to start a Facebook Fan Page for those interested in following me through Facebook. I'll be updating in with costume galleries as well as what conventions or events I'll be attending.  

This weekend I'll be attending a Anime North event at North York Central Library…, this is a create free event for anyone interested in learning more about the Convention.  It is a free event with quite a few costumers attending.  There will also be display tables of costumes and props, I'm bring a few pieces of my Sorceress costume for display aswell as the *Bang* gun I built for darkelf205's Harley Quinn cosplay.  I'll be doing a test run of my new Desire costume, fiercely androgynous in monotone.


My Diablo Sorcerss costume was featured on Geek Girls, check it out.
Fall on the Moor by gillykins

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Beefcake Cheesecake

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 8, 2011, 9:35 AM

This Saturday night I'll be participating in Beefcake Cheesecake at Ad Astra.  

The event will be filled with hot nerds in great costumes, the model roster includes: myself, Liana K, Naked Dave Katherine Curtis, Olivias-Atelier, The-Cosplay-Scion and Red-Ribbon-Cosplay.  The events proceeds go to Casey House, which is a specialty hospital with community programming including home care and outreach programs. Founded in 1988, it was the first freestanding HIV/AIDS facility in Canada. Its commitment is to provide compassionate health care to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

The event starts  Saturday, April 8th at 10pm.  Come party, take pictures and talk nerdy with us!
I'll be dressed as Red Sonja in full chain mail glory, hope to see you there!


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Toronto Wizard World 2011 Wrap Up

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 21, 2011, 6:46 PM

I had a great time at Wizard World this year, the convention seamed to have more people attending but managed to feel a little empty.  This may have been because of the layout but who knows.  I misjudged the travel time from my apartment to the Direct Energy Center, which left me dead after long rides on the TTC and wishing I lived closer. A big shout out to everyone I ran into at con and congrats on the masquerade wins for Red-Ribbon-Cosplay, PinkCarbon, Cory, Phil and PANattheDisco..  I was a promo model for Heroes-In-Tights  again this year wearing Dark Phoenix for most of Friday.  I was thrilled to run into Kukuzilla as Emma Frost, to much sexy for one photo to contain.  

Friday I borrowed Stargazer-Gemini's Nightwing costume to run around in for the day, I gave Naked Dave some very conflicting feelings about Nightwing/Me (VICTORY!)   Olivias-Atelier wore her Batgirl so we could match and be super bro/ lovers
Saturday I was Dark Phoenix and had a magical moment when R2D2 'ran' towards me.  Most romantic moment of my life, I <3 R2D2.  I didn't end up going to con on Sunday due to waking up dead, instead I filled my day with Dragon Age 2 and tea... I think it was a good choice.

Enjoy two random photos!

~*~Wizard World Features ~*~

Girl Wonder to the Rescue by PANattheDiscoThe Black Widow by The-Cosplay-ScionEmma Frost - Feel My Power... by KukuzillaShe's Got The Power by Red-Ribbon-Cosplay

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Upcoming Conventions

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 9, 2011, 12:41 PM

I've been needing to do a update on convention stuff, with Wizard World in two weeks I figured now was the time!  I've been pretty busy with school my 'reading week' should be renamed 'write as many essays as you can in one week'.  Luckily I have the bulk of my school work done for the rest of the term, now I only have to worry about one major essay and studying.  I've been doing a little sewing recently as well I've started on Huntresses boots and suit.  I won't have the costume done for a while since Huntress has a lot of detail on her costume, her boots alone are ridiculous.  I'll be posting some progress shots on Huntress once I have something worth showing, to tide any curious watcher have a picture of my mask progress.

Toronto Wizard World
I should be at Wizard World the entire weekend, I've been asked by Heroes-In-Tights to wear one of their costumes again on the Saturday, so keep an eye out for me as Dark Phoenix.  Sunday I'll be wearing Donna Troy, I'm looking forward to being very, very glittery again.  I'm unsure what to wear on Friday, I'm learning towards Catwoman or no costume at all, suggestions from anyone would be great.

Ad Astra
I know I said I wasn't planning on making many costumes this year but my invitation to be part of Beef Cake Cheese Cake at Ad Astra has prompted a new costume plan.  With the help of :decStargazer-Gemini: I'm going to try and get a Red Sonja costume done for the event, scale-mail bikini!

The lovely PinkCarbon's birthday is coming up so her hot nerd ass gets a feature <3
another sneak peek by PinkCarbonPower Girl by PinkCarbonArisia Cosplay by PinkCarbon

Mature Content

PC- Drew Hoshkiw 1 by PinkCarbon


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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 2, 2011, 9:28 PM

2011 is so akward to write, numarically it looks silly to me, but I guess I only have to deal with looking at it for a year!  Belated New Year wishes to all my watchers

I rang in the new year at Future Con, I don't think I could have made a better choice for New Years plans!  It was greating seeing friends, drinking, dancing, eating and nerding out all night.  I also finnished Donna Troy in time to bust her out for a few hours at furture con between the pool party and cocktails, sneak peak image curtosy of Derwin Mak.

My costume plans are small this year, my main plan is to make Huntress (Jim Lee belly window).  I'm hoping I can do the costume justice since there are so many details within the one costume.  Any other costumes I have planed are only maybes or aren't really major projects, the only other 'definate' plan is to make Harley and Ivy orange prision outfits for Meaghan and I.

I'm hoping to figure out photoshoot plans for Donna Troy soon but other than that I have school and real life the keep be busy during the cool Canadian winter.

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Merry Christmas and a Approching New Year

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 19, 2010, 9:37 AM

Christmas is coming up fast and as per usual I wish I hadn't spent so much money.  I wish I had the money to buy all of my friends a gift, but alas that is not the case.  Those who do not receive a gift from me are welcome to as many high fives as they want.


Christmas plans are always more complicated with a boyfriend, I have a very small family so Christmas plans are simple, whereas my boyfriend has around 4 separate family things which we have to attend.  Not complaining but it makes Christmas logistics a bit more hectic.

I'm done a semester of classes and will be glad to see my Celtic Art History class go, out of all my classes it has caused me the most frustration.  But of course come winter Celtic art history will be replaced with Medieval art history, here's hoping for less grief *crosses fingers*.  I kept promising myself that once I finished my exams I would actually sew, and guess what I had one super productive day in which I sewed almost all of my Donna Troy costume!

Donna Troy Progress by gillykins
I even have a progress picture as proof!  The costume is almost done, I'm actually going rhinestone hunting today and hopefully getting hooked with with a discount from the fabulous *devstargazer-gemini:

I was magically the only person at my restaurant to get New Years Eve booked off, to awesome.  My New Years Eve plans include attending Future Con, the excellent new years eve convention/party.  I can't think of a better way to kick of new years than with my friends and my favorite people in the world, nerds/dorks/geeks <3.

Features are dedicated to a few of my friend which have made this year awesome

In Blackest Night... by Olivias-AtelierNot Just a Sidekick by Olivias-AtelierWhat Are You Afraid Of? by Stargazer-GeminiIllustration Teaser by Stargazer-GeminiRiddle Me This by The-Cosplay-ScionOM NOM NOM by The-Cosplay-ScionRISE by Red-Ribbon-CosplayGirl Wonder to the Rescue by PANattheDisco'I'm feeling kinda weird...' by x-mywishingstar

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Zombies and The Like

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 2, 2010, 8:41 PM

So the Zombie walk and Halloween have come and gone basically I've been busy with real life... very valid excuse.
My black lantern costumes got done right in time *PHEW*  and then went over really well, they were a treat for those who were 'in the know' at the zombie walk and even better received at the Silver Snail Halloween Party.  We ended up snatching up three massive prize bundles as a group!

Now its time to buckle down and focus on school work with some sewing on the side.  I'll hopefully be finishing my Last Exile costumes for my boyfriend and I, then I'm unsure what to work on next.

The Darkness Grows by gillykinsFall on the Moor by gillykinsNY Comic Con by gillykins


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New York

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 12, 2010, 3:26 PM

Back home from New York Comic Con just in time to stuff myself full of turkey for Thanksgiving, that's right Americans our thanksgiving is in October, gives us some turkey down time before Christmas ;).

New York Comic Con was great now that I'm home I keep seeing photos of costumes and costumers that I wish I had seen, I DON'T KNOW HOW I MISSED SO MANY THINGS!  I wore Zatanna on the Saturday and Sue Storm on Sunday, basically they were easy things to pack and comfortable to wear.  I also spent some time over the weekend being a lame tourist, M&M WORLD FUCK YEAH! Needless to say Meaghan and I ate tons and tons and tons of M&M's.  NYCC is my last con for a little while, but I'm kind of welcoming the down time, need to focus on school and work on some new costumes.

ITS TIME TO TALK ABOUT TURKEY! Off the plane for New York and almost straight to dinner where I stuffed myself full of my parents delicious turkey, ham and stuffing.  I love my families stuffing... its mostly meat :D.  My parents had been away in China for three weeks so I also got some neat things from them, including a mysterious Chinese alcohol which extremely strong, apparently the shop keeper insisted that THIS was the stuff to buy.

Next Event is Zombie Walk, gotta churn out some costumes and get my zombie on.
I finally got my screen lenses, extra creepy.…

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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 5, 2010, 10:36 AM

~~~~~~ Thank You ~~~~~~
Wow I didn't realize I had hit 10,000 views!  Big Thanks to everyone who has stopped to check out my stuff, I really apprenticed it.  I know I rarely get back to people who favorite my stuff or watch me so I'd like to extend my gratitude to all of you ^_^

I wish I had some form of fancy 10,000 view picture... instead have some random featuring me and Stargazer-Gemini
On Point by gillykins


I'm getting excited to go, looks like the final costume line up is Zatanna and Sue.  I was attempting to maybe get Black Lantern Donna Troy done in time, but that's probably not happening.  Hope I can fit everything into a carry on bag (like hell I'm paying $25 both ways for my luggage)

Hope to see people there ^_^

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Going Back

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 21, 2010, 6:54 AM

I've started school again for the year, so far none of my courses seam overly stressful but that could also be that I have a good handle on all the materials my major generally covers.  I've also officially moved in with my boyfriend Jeff and long time friend Meaghan (Harley) as a group we consume way to much tea and have gotten Jeff hooked on Firefly... hes going to be pissed at the last episode XD

On the costume front I'm going to be making three costumes shortly, all Black Lanterns. I'm making Black Lantern Donna Troy for myself, Aquaman for Jeff and Green Arrow for *devStargazer-gemini*.   *devstargazer-gemini* and I are doing a labor trade off, he will be making scalemale for aquaman... expect some awesomeness.  Hopefully I can pump them out quickly *crosses fingers*

I'm also going to NYCC come October,  still unsure of what costumes I'll be wearing but I still have time to plan things out.

Around the Batmobile by Jayuna Hide and Seek by Stargazer-Gemini A Schoolyard Kiss by PANattheDisco When All is Done by Olivias-Atelier C'mon, trust me? by paper-stars Come to Journey's End by dangerousladies Steampixie V.2 by Kukuzilla

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Much needed post con post

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 9, 2010, 9:53 PM

I can finally relax after a few busy weeks filled with conventions, travel, work and moving!

So I went to Fan Expo and had a good time despite the planning fail of Hobby Star.  It probably helps that the convention falls over my birthday, adds a little extra fun to the convention experience.  Honestly Fan Expo feels like so long ago but I guess that's what happens when your moving at a million miles a second!  Between some promo stuff and the steampunk fashion show I hit up a few panels and grabbed free merch from DC and Marvel.  I was photo trapped for alot of Saturday and sunday, I expected our Batman group to get trapped but me alone as Sue I didn't see coming.  I wish I had gotten Stan Lee to sign my Sue costume but by the Sunday I didn't want to wait in the massive line only to trust my chest at him to sign my suit next to the 4 symbol... there's always NYCC.

Dragon Con... all I can say about Dragon Con is OMG AWESOME!!!  I want to go back so badly and would switch attending it for Fan Expo any day!  That said I got to meet a lot of awesome costumers whoes stuff I've admired for quite awhile online.  I shared a room with The-Cosplay-Scion, Olivias-Atelier, Stargazer-Gemini, Jeff, Tricky, Dave and Sara ... it was a full room but luckily it worked pretty well, we were okay with close quarters ;).  I attended quite a few costuming track panels as well as SCF Marvel and DC photo shoots.  I'm still so impressed by the number of excellent male superhero/villian costumers, Canada really has a real lack of male costume participation and it really is a joy to see alot of male characters getting some well done attention.
In the end I really want to go back to Dragon Con hopefully I can make it happen for 2011 as well :D

I've also moved back up to school for the year!  I'm now living with my boyfriend Jeff and my long time awesome friend Meaghan (aka. Harley/ My dressup dollie).  I'm all sore from moving heavy things and probably more than a little high off cleaning fumes.  The first thing up in our apartment was a Galactus Mighty Mugg which watched over our apartment from his high up view point!  I might take a photo of our excellent figure collection display once they're all up.

School starts soon and then I'm into scholastic mode as well as continuing to work at my job (gotta fund my hobby somehow).

-New York Comic Con
- Halloween/Zombie Walk

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Pre Dragon Con

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 1, 2010, 9:14 PM

Soo in case you were aware of this yet, I WILL BE AT DRAGON CON!

I'm leaving Thursday morning to drive to Buffalo to catch a flight to Atlanta.  Which basically means I should be arriving at D*C around 3-ish.  I'm super pumped for my first Dragon Con experience even though I've had two weeks of frazzled pre-con prep as well as pre-moving stuff to deal with.

Costumes will be as follows:
Friday - Bubbles : The Power Puff Girls (paper-stars has been kind enough to lend me her bubbles costume to complete a group <3)
Saturday - Mystique  
Sunday - Catwoman
Monday - Zatanna

I might also wear Zatanna on friday... we'll see how things pan out ^_^

Hope to see people there if you see me or someone you think is me say hi... because it might be me :D

I should sleep before I start mindlessly rambling or fall asleep and drool all over my computer


PS:  For those who are not going to Dragon Con or are ready for Dragon Con you should check out Ackson's newest video which contains some footage of someone you might recognize... me.... and my boyfriend as batman.... CHECK IT OUT…

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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 26, 2010, 8:38 AM

So Fan Expo is this weekend and obviously I'm going (like always)!  

I'll be around the whole weekend, Friday I'm going to wear my Sorceress Costume, Saturday is promo stuff for Heroes and Tights wear Catwoman and Sunday I'm still deciding between Zatanna and Sue Storm
(help me decide?)


The Saturday of Fan Expo is also MY BIRTHDAY!  That right I'm spending my 21st birthday at a convention... awesome!  I've already had a birthday party (a week early) thanks to my boyfriend and parents, I came home from shopping to find a house full of people yelling SURPRISE!  I was actually so surprised I didn't entirely understand what was going on for 5 min,  I never make a big deal out of my birthday (due to many years of camping on my birthday and sharing the "cake" with 2 other people and an anniversary)  So I felt super special that so many people we in on a surprise birthday party for me <3

Birthday well wishes are always appreciated so if you see me at con you'll make me feel special if you remember its my birthday XD


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In the mood for FEATURES?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 11, 2010, 10:05 AM

I spent yesterday in an abandoned Kodak building filming with the ever awesome Ackson >> << for an upcoming video.  The building is super super awesome and I can't wait for the video which is being completed and shown at Fan Expo 2010, so stay tuned for a link to it.
Joining the festivities at Kodak building 9 wasThe-Cosplay-Scion, Stargazer-Gemini andOlivias-Atelier partaking in some photos.  If you have a chance you should check out there awesome Donna Troia, Nightwing and Batgirl costumes!
Donna Troy by The-Cosplay-Scion:thumb172106375:

I'll hopefully have some more Catwoman photos soon, but in the mean time I just have one which apparently caught the eye of MarcLaming who did a super awesome sketch inspired by it, GO LOOK AT IT!

Rooftop Lounge by gillykins:thumb174945766:

I'm a big sucker for red heads/ gingers... seriously mama likey <3  Most of my friends can attest to my insane infatuation with them  50+ hottest point if you hair is red/orange, even more if its natural.

bettas and flowers in muro by loish :thumb92848513: :thumb171524372: Red Orange by DanielaUhlig Auburn by MichaelShapcott

Mature Content

Mary Jane in Spidey Tee by LOPEZMICHAEL


Thats all for now I'll go back to trying to get my Sorceress costume finished X_X


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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 18, 2010, 8:43 AM

SO we had the whole Strawberry Shortcake gang as Polaris, if was great since so many people knew who we were.  We ended up entering masquerade and walked away with Best Master Craftsmanship as well as Best Master for Performance, which really pleased me since I made four costumes for the group XD  

Congrats to Stargazer-Gemini, The-Cosplay-Scion paper-stars andOlivias-Atelier for their win aswell ^_^

I spent most of the day laughing at my boyfriend who was dresses as the Purple Pie man, the mustache kills me XD

It was great to see everyone at Polaris its a nice con to hang out with people as well as eat tasty cheap Chinese food from the food court, OM NOM NOM.

Upcoming Convention List:

- Fan Expo
- Dragon Con
- New York Comic Con

I'm still not 100% on costume plans but I'm hoping to Finnish my Sorc for Fan Expo and also bring it to Dragon Con,  I'm probably going to take a break from making costumes for myself once I finish my Sorceress since I have enough costumes to get some wear out of for a while... and frankly costume stuff adds up $$$ wise.

I also realized that I should maybe throw up the link to a awesome video by my buddy Ackson, it primarily features the Strawberry Shortcake gang at the Toronto Cosplay Picnic.  Check it out, a ton of his videos are awesome!…

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